Very good example of Keemun Hong Cha.  This tea gives you naturally sweet and fruity taste displaying delicate notes of raspberries and cherries. Also honey and malty notes are distinct both in taste and flavour. Autumnal notes of malt and honey are stronger and more complex in this higher grade of Keemun. Our Keemun comes from garden with more than 100 year history!

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Origin:  Qimen, Anhui province, China.

Harvest: April 2017

Cultivar/Tree Variety:  local Qimen cultivar- rich in aromatic essential oils.

Temperature of water and amount of leaves:  boiling water 100C..2 g/100ml for standard brewings. 4-5g/100g for gong-fu cha (series of many short-time infusions)

Suggested brewing method: porcelain gaiwan of clay teapot. We suggest to use series of short infusions using more leaves than standard brewing. First infusion should be very short (not more than 30-40 sec). For next infusions please increase brewing time consequently for 10-15 seconds.



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50 g, 100 g


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