Fresh, gently roasted Dong Ding Oolong from organic garden. Sweet of honey and orchid mixed with refreshing, grassy character! Excellent price/quality ratio!

Origin:  Dong Ding, Lugu, Nantou county, Taiwan, 

Harvest: April 2018,

Roasting: May 2018

Cultivar/Tree Variety:  Cui Yu, TRES 13



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Product Description

Temperature of water and amount of leaves: 95 C 5g/100ml.

Suggested brewing method: Yixing clay teapot or gaiwan of low capacity. First, you should pre-heat empty teapot/gaiwan and tea cups with boiling water. When the teapot is warmed, then you put the tea leaves in. After smelling hot and dry leaves in the pot, gently pour the hot water (95 C.) to the pot.  First infusion should be very short- not more than 20 second. We suggest to increase brewing time for 5-10 seconds in each next brewing. 


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50 g, 100 g


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