Meeting new teas is never ending educational process. This tea comes from the same farmer like 1999 Baozhong you can find on our offer. But this one is little bit younger. Some of you can have big fun comparing 1999 and 2004 tea created by the same person. Traditionally made Baozong oolong stored for 16 years in the farmer’s house near Pinglin. It was also super dry storage we can call “sealed storage” – with no moisture and air access to the tea. Tea tastes much more younger than most of Baozhongs from this period I have had but dry storage created really interesting layers of taste and especially aftertaste. Dry leaves smells similar to yancha – roasty, nutty, full of red fruits nuances. Liquor is thick, oily – with strong flowery, honey and dried lemon peel notes. Some typical for aged Baozhong wood flavour is here too. Aftertaste is very sweet and long lasting. Brewing tip: use the scale because leaves are really light. With 6g of tea my 110ml gaiwan is totally full of them. Powerful tea.

Origin: Pinglin, New Taipei City, Taiwan.
Harvest: circa 2004
Tea cultivar Qing Xin oolong


Temperature of water and amount of leaves: 100 C 5-7g/100ml.

Suggested brewing method: Yixing clay teapot or gaiwan of low capacity. First, you should pre-heat empty teapot/gaiwan and tea cups with boiling water. When the teapot is warmed, then you put the tea leaves in. After smelling hot and dry leaves in the pot, gently pour the boiling water to the pot.  First infusion should be very short- not more than 20-25 second. We suggest to increase brewing time for 5-10 seconds in each next brewing. You can prepare at least 8-10 nice brewings!

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