This white tea is very important for us.

White tea market became bit crazy during last few years. There are so many teas pretend to be aged, but they are just made with longer and stronger withering and drying process to look dark and old.

The tea we offer you now… we know from the time just after the harvest. We purchased around 10kg and for 5 years and we were observing how taste and aroma are changing.

Today,  2019 Jingmai Semi-Wild Bai Cha is simply amazing.

It comes from old semi-wild garden with almost zero human intervention..

You will find here lots of honey sweetness combined with strong herbal (almost medicinal) notes. It’s also pleasantly flowery – similar to good Oriental Beauty or elegant perfumes.

There is a saying in China about white tea: ‘one year – tea, three years – medicine, seven years – treasure’. So we are between medicine and treasure 😉

One of our favorite white tea ever.

Excellent for long term storage.

Origin: semi-wild garden in Jingmai, Lancang, Simao,  Yunnan, China.

Vintage/Harvest: Spring 2019

Tea vartietal: Camellia Sinensis var Assamica



Temperature of water and amount of leaves: 80-100 C 5-7g/100ml. – please experiment with water temperature to find the best taste for you.

Suggested brewing method: Yixing clay teapot or gaiwan of low capacity. First, you should pre-heat empty teapot/gaiwan and tea cups with boiling water. When the teapot is warmed, then you put the tea leaves in. First drinkable infusion should be very short- not more than 30 seconds. We suggest to increase brewing time for 10-20 seconds in each next brewing.

This tea is excellent for bowl drinking too.

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30 g, 50 g, 100 g


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