Full cakes offer will come in late February after you have some time to taste the samples.

Each set will come to you with 5 postcards with the designs from our Puerh cakes.
Printed on high quality Munken Lynx paper (eco label, responsible forestry)

Nannuo 2021 spring – trees planted in 70’s / sweet and citrusy. One of the best Nannuo I have ever had even it’s from not very old trees. The same garden as our Nannuo 2019.

Ai Lao 2021 spring – natural garden surrounded by forest with mostly Gushu trees but also younger big trees called Dashu. All picked together. Soft, creamy, elegant with amazing aftertaste coating the tongue and palate for really long time. Quite dark leaves. Aroma of good quality boiled rice.

Yiwu Old Tree 2021 Spring – the same garden like our 2020 Yiwu. Trees above 100 years old.  2021 is more interesting because of pleasant oldschool smokiness. Taste of tradition.

Mansai – 2021 spring – Puerh from Myanmar, processed in China. Pure Gushu material. Bold and thick. Taste like the forest. Moss, herbs, some fruity sweetness. Makes your heart beats fast. Very fast.

Secret Forest 2021 Spring – the same tea we had in 2020. We have only 3kg because of crazy price and small amount available. Small leaves with huge energy. Strong, grapefruit bitterness. Amazing returning sweetness.


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