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10 signature teas from Taiwan showing you the wide spectrum of tastes and aromas of teas at different aging stage (including teas that are totally fresh)

It’s like a journey in time: from late 80’s to 2020.

It’s also a trip through different tea producing areas – from lowland Pinglin to high mountain paths of Shanlinxi.

The concept of tea set was not only to show you the different age of teas but also to discover really rare treats like oldschool processed Tieguanyin from Shimen, perfectly dry stored Baozhong, teas awarded in national competitions and also teas growing wild and organic,

Teas you see in bold font are available now only in this set. They are unavailable in the regular shop offer.

tea name amount (g)
1988-1995 Aged Dong Ding Oolong awarded in 2015 during Dong Ding Lugu Lao Cha Competition [dry storage] 7
2004 Dry Stored Pinglin Baozhong 14
2008 Dry Stored Shi Zhou Ali Shan oolong 14
2011 Aged Zhu Shan Competition Grade Roasted Oolong 14
2020 Baguashan Charcoal Roasted Si Ji Chun Oolong 14
2015 Shimen Old Style Charcoal Roasted Tie Guan Yin oolong 14
2019 LGTTS Spring “Three Flowers” Grade Dong Ding Oolong 14
2019 Ping Ding Organic Charcoal Roasted Jin Xuan Oolong 14
2020 Winter Rueili Ali Shan Jin Xuan High Mountain Oolong 14
2020 Wild Garden Shanlinxi High Mountain Oolong 14

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1 review for “Tea and Time”: Taiwan – sample set – 10 teas/133g

  1. Ivan Hryhorchuk (verified owner)

    Amazing option to dive into a diverse world of Taiwanese oolongs, compare different cultivars, processings, styles and aging features. A great selection to discover a lot of new details, understand Taiwanese tea better and make personal preferences in it. The amount of each tea is enough for several enjoyable teasessions, so you can experiment with brewing methods and styles as well.
    And also it’s just like a holiday package of tasty delicacies – bonbons are boring, send tea gifts like this one to fellow tealovers!

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