Woodfired in anagama kiln tea bowl.

New series is made from unique blend of many clays. One clay comes from Świętokrzystkie Mountain Range in Poland.

Artist: Tomasz Niedziółka

Capacity: ca. 150 ml

Diameter: ca. 10 cm

“Pot/ Vessel is the archetype of support, carrying, it is designed to bring out the qualities of tea, it should definitely not quench them.

It is amazing to me that it is about working without any coercion or putting on a previously conceived vision. All I am trying to do is not to disturb, not design, on the contrary, accept what I participate in. Working on the potter’s wheel, for me, it is no different from anything spiritual work.

There is a kind of mantra that the artist performs to get into a state of non-being. As in any creative act, it’s about forgetting yourself, becoming a banner, a manifestation of the inscrutable.” Tomasz Niedziółka

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