2022 batch was made on our custom order. 

Thick and multi-layered.

Roasting level is little bit more gentle comparing to 2019. Similar to 2020. Still bit more than medium roast.

Tie Luo Han bush is one of four famous and most traditional Yancha bushes. With Da Hong Pao, Shui Jin Gui and Bai Ji Guan they are called “Four Great Cultivars” (Si Da Ming Cong).

Our Tie Luo Han comes from Wuyishan protected area and it was processed by family which make the tea for few generations. It was roasted three times over traditional charcoal fire.  We would say the level of roasting this time is something between medium and heavy roast. Roasting was made just perfect – it’s quite strong but not cover the multi-layered personality of the bush.

You will find here amazing minerality (famous yan yun – rocky flavour), notes of wood, chocolate and many, many more like surprising notes of raspberries and exotic fruits.

The aftertaste will be with you really long time after emptying the cup.

Origin: Zhengyan Protected Area, Wuyishan, Fujian, China.

Vintage: May 2022

Tea Varietal: Tie Luo Han


Temperature of water and amount of leaves: 100 C 6-7g/100ml.
Suggested brewing method: Yixing clay teapot or gaiwan of low capacity. First, you should pre-heat empty teapot/gaiwan and tea cups with boiling water. When the teapot is warmed, then you put the tea leaves in. After smelling hot and dry leaves in the pot, gently pour the boiling water to the pot.  First infusion should be very short- not more than 10 second. We suggest to increase brewing time for 5-10 seconds in each next brewing.

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