Welcome to TheTea

TheTea started its activity in 2015 and it is the fruit of our labour and passion to the Asian culture of drinking and appreciating the tea. Tea bushes of camellia sinesis and famous drink made of its leaves were the inspiration for poets, painters or philosophers for almost two thousand years. Tea also was needful as a meditation tool which helped chinese Buddhist monks to keep their mind pure and focused during all day meditations. Even though, nowadays tea is often considered and described as an everyday drink, the diversification of tastes, origins, history and different traditions of drinking and tasting are amazing.

With the warm tea greetings,

Milena Rosiak & Wojciech Wozniak

Our selection of teas

Green Tea

Non-oxidized leaves  plucked in the first days of spring.


Specially proccesed teas made for long term storage. Time is changing the taste of tea year by year.


Wide selection of semi-oxidized teas. From the delicate and flowery oolongs of Anxi to dark and strong Yancha from Wuyishan.

Black Tea/Hongcha

Fully oxidized teas


The best goods growing at the foot of Himalaya

White Tea

Minimally processed tea. Healthly and natural.