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These gaiwans stand on thin line between being classic and kitschy.

Made during 1980’s – probably in Jingdezhen from classic rice pattern porcelain.

Not many on the market left.

EACH GAIWAN  OF THAT TYPE AND PERIOD IS NOT PERFECT – LID NOT ALWAYS FIT PERFECTLY TO THE VESSEL AND SOMETIMES YOU CAN SEE SOME TINY FLAWS ON THE SURFACE (small black dots from firing process on the surface or some tiny mistakes in the painting).

Capacity: 150 ml.

4 USD from selling each gaiwan comes to support our dearest friends tearoom “Laja” in Cieszyn – amazing city divided by the Polish and Czech border.

They not only run one of the most beautiful polish tea places (located on the castle hill) but they also founded and still run the biggest polish tea festival Święto Herbaty / Svatek Caje.

We are always the part of the festival too. From the very beginning.

Because of the current situation the tea room and tea shop are closed, so they can’t work and earn.

This is our humble support.

Sold out!


  1. Mathew Brooks (verified owner)

    This is an amazing gaiwan. True to the 150ml this one has some weight making it ideal for aged puerh (or anything that needs some heat). This piece has details galore and is a pleasure to look at as well as hold. I dont usually pump up a gaiwan this much but this is certainly a special occasion.

    For the price this is a steal. I have paid much more for far less quality.

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