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Our organic Benifuuki Wakocha comes from small Tokunoshima Island in Amami Archipelago which belongs to Kagoshima prefecture.

Only 27 thousands of people live there and the tea is produced by very small farm.

We usually don’t offer any teas from Japan, but this black tea is so charming so we decided to grab it for you and for us.

Taste is quite strong and full dominated by fruity notes of cherries, orange peel and this kind of pleasant fruitiness (longan, litchi) you can find in black teas from Wuyi mountain.

When you use longer steeps or high amount of leaves some astringency comes up but it’s not so strong to affect overall pleasant tasting experience.

Rare and interesting black tea.



Origin: Tokunoshima island, Kagoshima, Japonia
Harvest: spring 2021
Cultivar: Benifuki/Benifuuki (crossbreed of Benihomare with Assam origin with MakuraCd86 coming from Dajreeling)

Temperature of water and amount of leaves: 100 C 2,5g/100ml.

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50 g, 100 g

1 review for 2021 Spring Organic Tokunoshima Benifuuki Wakocha

  1. RedV (verified owner)

    I received today my order form TheTea and proceeded immediately with the tasting. (I’m amazed at the quality that this guys are throwing at us, amazing teas!) The first taste (mostly because of my curiosity, it was the first time I tasted a japanese “black” tea) was this Benifuki. Well, not much to say about it. The freshness is overwhelming, never experienced anything like this in a tea. Lemon zest and green tangerines with very distinguishable high fresh notes. Present hui gan since the first sips. Can almost fill a certain sheng puerh quality in it.

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