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More than 20 years of natural Malaysian storage made this tea excellent example of well aged sheng pu-erh.

Tea was made from wild trees growing in Da Xue Shan (Big Snowy Mountain) in Mengku, Yunnan.

Taste profile: fresh beeswax, wood, incenses, dried plums and cherries, fresh tobacco.

To enjoy this tea we suggest to use less amount of leaves – 4g for 100 ml are totally enough to appreciate gongfu session with 2003 Mengku Da Xue Shan. Using more leaves makes liquor more astringent and bitter.

20 years old teas aged naturally and made from good quality material are usually not so affordable! Whole brick buy is highly recommended.

Origin: Da Xue Shan, Mengku, Yunnan, China.

Vintage/Harvest: 2003

Tea vartietal: Wild trees


Temperature of water and amount of leaves: 100 C 4-5g/100ml.
Suggested brewing method: Yixing clay teapot or gaiwan of low capacity. First, you should pre-heat empty teapot/gaiwan and tea cups with boiling water. When the teapot is warmed, then you put the tea leaves in. After smelling hot and dry leaves in the pot, rinse the tea for 5-10 seconds using boiling water and afterwards pour out all the water from your pot. The process of rinsing tea leaves is often defined as a waking the tea and is very important for quality of next brewings. Main aim of waking the tea is to remove caffeine and eventual pollution from old tea aged for many years. First drinkable infusion should be very short- not more than 10-20 second. We suggest to increase brewing time for 5-10 seconds in each next brewing.

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230-240g: full brick, 50 g


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